TechED SEA 2008~Be a part of the experience.

Hi guys,

As promised here are some of the shots for the teched here in SEA for 2008.

IMHO, this year attendance was way below especially in the exhibition areas. The vendors there wasn’t many as well. The whole event somewhat lacked the excitement like the previous SEA techED for whatever reason. Another thing that I would really want to bring up is the lack of places for the instructor’s hands-on-lab. I believe 20+ people sitting in the LAB isn’t big enough to cater IT pros across the SEA region. Just imagine the number of people lining up looks like our post office when they gave out money order rebates for car owners to subsidize the increase of petrol prices!!

Common MS you can do better than that!! Especially you have your trademark products launched within this same year. I am sure most of the IT pros are dying to ask questions in the LABs. Its a shame that MS missed this big part of the event so badly. I know there is self learning labs that you can actually do it at your leisure. But having a MS spokesman if you hit any trouble or you have questions to ask after the presentations is vital for all the IT pros that comes for these kind of events. MS pls take note!

Other than that, I guess the event resounded the industry sentiments on being very low down this year. I guess with careful spending in IT has also bring down the festivities of the event. Anyway, here are some clear photos that I managed to catch. I am currently doing a POC on server core in VM and also windows 2008 AD in VM. Will post some of the difficulties that I faced earlier. Its about 2.00AM here, and I am getting a bit…zzzz…zzz.. Adios


~ by bassplayr on August 19, 2008.

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