Windows 2008 Server Core – Creating a windows 2008 server core cluster

Hi guys,

Its pretty late here. I know. Doing some late night, sugar and coffee laced studies here. But at last I found my holy grail. To complete a windows 2008 cluster based on server cores. AD running on a server core.


What if you have a organization which is tight on budget and running low-end servers (Old DELL 2850/2600…. hahahhaha… Love to pick on DELL). Anyway, in my scenario which is even tighter is that, the 3 server core servers running in my MS vitual server, 1-DC and 2-Failover cluster.

You might ask me, how did you configure shared storage???? Well, my friends, let me introduce to you iSCSI! This will be the future. The technology is already developed so far ahead that the network technology seems to be lagging at the moment. Of course to run this you need to have a superb fast backbone or you will have issues. Anyway, I created a iSCSI target and managed to get my server core working to talk to the shared storage. The shared storage is actually a virtual file on my virtual server!!! How cool is that.

Best still, I managed to do all this in my comfort of my living room… heheheheheh sounds to good to be true right! Anyway, I am soon going to tear the whole thing down again so that I can rebuild from scratch and video shot that as well to share it with others. Hope you guys and girls can wait a while longer… I feel a bit of pain tearing it down after 5 hours doing it… hehehe anyway for the greater good!!!

So please wait and stay tune for the video… will sure make you worth the wait.. 🙂

See ya!


~ by bassplayr on August 26, 2008.

4 Responses to “Windows 2008 Server Core – Creating a windows 2008 server core cluster”

  1. Could you email me any notes or links to info you may have gathered? I am trying to setup a Server Core 2008 cluster myself.

  2. Got it. It was actually very easy.

  3. we are using iScsi NetApp device. Its really cool and easy to set up. We are getting 1Gig speed. I wonder when HBA card is going to phase out?

  4. was looking for how to configure cluster and found ur site. cool job u’re doing here. hoping to start my certification path soon and i’m thinking windows server. hopefully i’ll visit often.@everyone do u have any tips. reply to

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