Windows Server 2012

Windows Server 8 was renamed to Windows Server 2012 just about 17th of April 2012. This name is much better for the whole product continuity. Remember Windows Server 2000? Yea, I know. Anyway this latest flavor has a totally different work up and GUI. One of the interesting part is that you could strip away the GUI from Windows Full installation using a Powershell command. Interesting, although I am wondering what are the reasons that an admin would want to do that. He or she might as well install the server core from the beginning.

One thing that will hit you from the start and will hit you hard, will be the Metro client interface. This interface is typically found on mobile like OSes. Another feature that will be interesting is the added capabilities on the Hyper-V. There is now a 64TB limit on the virtual disk as compared to the maximum of 2TB-512MB of the VMware offering. Another interesting feature is that now, there is a capability that you could essential migrate VMs on Hyper-V without any shared storage or network resources! Please take note that I haven’t personal test this feature yet. So keep tuned as I do more tests on this latest offering from Microsoft.


~ by bassplayr on May 4, 2012.

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