Windows 2008 Server Core – Checking for installed components

Hi guys,

Here is my first attempt at tempting to do some video tutorials. I was thinking how much I have benefited from video tutorials. People like me, who don’t like to read, can always turn to this ready available source of knowledge. This is what I love about open source and the internet. All the software used for this tutorial is done using OPEN SOURCE Software… So thank you very much for help me produce this. The software used are CamStudio and VirtualDUB. You can do a google search and checkout their sites. I would also would like to thank for his help in guiding me.

Anyway, so here is a video to help see what components are installed in windows 2008 server core. Since its all based on command line, there will be no GUI to help see what is installed. Check out the last portion where I do a short filtering system on the line. Anyway enjoy!


~ by bassplayr on August 19, 2008.

2 Responses to “Windows 2008 Server Core – Checking for installed components”

  1. You have inspired me to do a video tutorial for Linux, 😀

  2. Hahahha… Hope we can continue to do this frequently. Thanks for your help man.

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