Windows 2008 Server Core – Adding Server into AD 2008 Domain

Hi guys,

In my excitement of creating video tutorials, here is another one for all of you. How to join to a 2008 – Active Directory Service. Its pretty simple stuff. Some of the pitfalls are:

  • You must ensure that your DNS is pointing to the domain controller or the AD DNS server
  • For Server Core, you need to install all the VMTools kit for VMware. This is because of of the box, windows 2008 server core doesn’t have the correct network drivers to use. Therefore you will need to install the VMTools kit in your VM Server. To do this, first you will need to click on Install VMTools in your File Menu in VMServer Console. Then, there will be a dialog box appear in your vm guest for you to choose “Yes” to install the VMTool. Next, go to your server command line, and type D:/ or whatever the CD ROM is configured to and type in setup.exe. You will need to accept and then click next. You will that the VMTools will completely install and wala… there you have a server core vm guest with networking. Then you can configure your networking needs using the netsh command
  • Another one interesting thing that I found out that was, using the netdom join “machine name” /domain:{domain} /OU:{OU=xxxx,DC=xxxxx,DC=xxxx} you can define where you want the machine account reside in AD OU group. So for this tutorial, I have defined it in an OU container called ServerCore. This was a first for me.

Let me know what you guys think of the videos. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Please share any open source software that you guys are using to do this kind of videos. I am targetting to do one with voice very soon. Hope that works out. I also will be putting my watermark on them in the future. You will never know…. .So hope you guys can enjoy some Windows 2008 Server Core goodness…. Enjoy:


~ by bassplayr on August 19, 2008.

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