VMware Error: Cannot SVMotion after 32% why?

Hi guys,

I thought I would share with you regarding this problem that I had consistently on my VMware environment at work. The environment:

1. 16 ESX 4.1.0 update 381591 (Update 2)

2. Storage is EqualLogic 8 groups with 16 HDD SAS each.

3. DELL M610s

I had some problems when I svmotion a VM between the same shared SAS storage. I get this error:


I used PowerCLI to move the server and is the error I get in command line:

When I checked the vmware.logs, for the VM, it says that the operation timeout. I did a google search (IT admin best friend according to wlsiew) and found that I need to probably increase the timeout rate for that particular VM. That did solve my problem. Here is the SC when I did the change. One thing to note you can only do the change only if you power off the server:

So far, I can only replicate the problem on SAS disks only. I haven’t encountered the problem on any other kind of storage. This tip was taken from the VMware website. So does anybody else have this problem?


~ by bassplayr on June 27, 2011.

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