DELL Closure of Edmonton Contact Center!

I was surfing the net just to find out that DELL closed another contact center after the Waco contact center was closed down. This will affect about 900 people. The news was officially broken to the employees on last Thursday morning. Some will leave immediately and some in the weeks to come. It was mentioned that the salary being paid at the center ranged from 28,000 – 45,000 per year.

That makes up about RM81,000 – RM147,000, which comes up to RM6,570 – 12,250 per month. I can tell you for sure that the average workers’ salary per month in Cyberjaya outpost in Malaysia doesn’t even reach the lower range stated. The official reason given for the closure is to align the business to a global business, delivering maximum customer satisfaction. The reason is very very vague and didn’t mentioned about any cost cutting activities that IS going on in DELL. Another reason was the growth of the Canadian dollar against the weakening of the American dollar also made this move much more viable. But no comment from any DELL rep on this.

The center was opened for 4 years. DELL received tremendous amount of incentives like a-dollar-per year lease on their land that DELL was using and a 5 year property-tax break. So herein lies the real truth that nothing is certain.

DELL is also closing down 140 kiosks that showcases DELL products around the US. This might be because of the restructuring of the DELL business as it goes into retailing as well. This closure might not have that big impact compared to the Edmonton Contact Center closure.


Dell Moves out from Edmonton.. Where is next?
A Dell Employee walks away after being informed about the unfortunate turn of events.

~ by bassplayr on February 4, 2008.

6 Responses to “DELL Closure of Edmonton Contact Center!”

  1. Very informative post. Thanks for that. How would you like to discuss business related topics on the all new business forum. So many members could gain knowledge from your business experiences and advice.

    Please think it over.


    Col 🙂

  2. cutting cost I see bro…

  3. Hey..

    Borrowed your picture to create an animated GIF editorial as it were. I used to work at the site, and still have friends there that were told, point blank, in a five minute meeting. Just *wham* “The center is closing May 2nd”. And that was about it.

    Animated GIF is here:

    I flipped the gent around because I thought that him walking away from the sign was poignant…

  4. Thanks for the invite. I am so flattered…. 🙂 But as it is, I am very caught up with work that I may not have time to post frequently. But I will register and look around. Please email me if u want to keep in touch. Thanks again for the invite… Col

  5. Hey Danny,
    Yea man… if this can happen in Canada, what more here…. Interesting thought…

  6. Hi Darren,
    Nice work. 🙂
    I am so sorry to hear that some of your friends are effected, how about yourself?

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