Newest Microsoft Product……….. Welcome SURFACE!

Hi guys,

Sorry for not blogging for quite awhile. I am going to break my New Year blogging about Microsoft latest product, which is called Microsoft Surface.

MS Surface

For the first time hearing it, it sounds like Microsoft has gone into the construction business. But believe me or not, they didn’t. Heheheh….Anyway this product was code named – Milan. Remember watching Minority Report starring Tom Cruise? Yea, the way he bring people’s photo and web pages, by just touching them and moving them around on a glass wall. Well that is what Microsoft claims they can do with they latest product.

This product comes from they newly created group called: Productivity and Extended Consumer Experiences Group run by Corporate Vice President Tom Gibbons, and this is what he had to say about Microsoft Surface:

It’s a powerful technology that is visually compelling. Surface is a horizontal display on a table-like form factor that morphs from an ordinary table-top into a new, vibrant way to bring connected entertainment and digital content to users. The cool factor is the way you interact with digital content by using your hands to get what you need. Surface provides effortless interaction with digital content through natural gestures, touch and physical objects. Because Surface is essentially housed in a table, it’s easy for individuals or multiple people to gather around it in a way that feels familiar – making collaboration more powerful and fun.

Just imagine now, you don’t even have to use tv or a screen with remote you can have a touch panel on your living room table and that touch panel is your entertainment center. This seems to coincide nicely with Dell’s latest tablet notebook that is capable of doing the same thing. Look at the video here

Rumors are that the cost will be about $5,000 to $10,000 per unit………. Yeap…….. Thats in USD folks! Darn too expensive for some of us, who are not multi-millionaires.

The prototype was based on an IKEA table with a hole cut in the top and a sheet of architect vellum used as a diffuser. You might think that IKEA might use this technology in the future. The team also developed some applications, including Pinball, a photo browser and a video puzzle. Over the next year, Microsoft built more than 85 early prototypes for Surface. The expected shelf date might be in the spring of 2008. So stay tune. In the time being, check out this site to see and experience their features.


~ by bassplayr on January 7, 2008.

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