How to configure RSS feed in Deluge

HI guys,

Today we are going to learn how to automate the most “interesting” stuff to do in the Internet today! Torrent.

Well today I am going to do a howto section whereby you and I will learn how to do a automated way of downloading life.

Deluge Banner

I am sure you are like me, where you like to have the latest episode of Heroes.

If you are, and you are a tech savy person you most probably will be downloading using a torrent client like deluge, azerus, bitcomet and so on.

I wouldn’t talk about Deluge, I will keep it for another day. Now this tutorial will be for the deluge FlexRSS plugin setup.

Step 1:

First you have to find a site where they give an RSS DIRECT download page. I repeat DIRECT! The reason why I am telling this is that some of the sites provides RSS pages, but once you click on them it opens up in another page with details of the movie or the episode. We don’t want this. Good places to go is and tvRSS.

I personally like tvRSS because of some reasons. One, its customizable. One you click on the tv show you want to download under tv shows, you can see there is many distribution. Do your filtering until you see one distribution per episode. Now you click on click on “Search Based RSS feed” link and it will bring you to a page will all RSS feeds… For example: This is a RSS feed for American Chopper

Step 2:

Now things get simpler. Open you deluge and make sure you have installed your FlexRSS plugin. For more info you can get to FlexRSS plugin page.

Once you are on the page you should see something like this:

FlexRSS Front

As you can see I have already configured two feeds one for Heroes and another for Nip and Tuck.

Now you can click on new and put in the Name of the Feed and the URL: which is the one based on your customized search RSS feed from from Step 1.

The default lowest update time would be 300 sec. So don’t be a smart-ass and change that to 1. You can’t anyway! 🙂 Then click on save.

Step 3:

Next you have to configure the filter for the feed you have just created.
This is where it is a bit tricky. But simple.

Filter window

You should choose a filter name. Now then, select the feed you want this filter on. Here in my example I choose Heroes as my feed to filter.

Next, you will have to put in the pattern, for this choose a simple pattern: heroes.%sx%e this would basically means any link/title that has Heroes 01×03 would be a match. Since I did want all the seasons I didn’t put any restrictions. If you need a restrictions you can use: heroes.%(?P<s>[0-5]+)x%e for season 5 onwards and so on. If you don’t get it, I suggest that you could google up some pyhton expressions to learn some. Another one more example, what if the RSS feed has something like CSI Las Vegas S01E04, then how do you want to capture all of season +2+3 automatically?

Simple: CSI.Las.Vegas.s(?P<s>[0-9]+)e(?P<e>[0-9]+…………. Don’t forget the “dot”. The “dot” means space I learnt. ./

Click on New and then save it. Remember here you can specify on which directory you want the downloaded file to go to. If you are not picky,just specify the folder and save. On configuration tab, just check both options.

Step 4:

Relax and go and have coffee. You will see that in a minute that the torrent files are being downloaded . Wala….. its done. Please let me know if these steps work for you.

Have a good day ahead and happy torrent’ing.

Remember to upload as well! 😀


~ by bassplayr on December 20, 2007.

6 Responses to “How to configure RSS feed in Deluge”

  1. cool!!! thanks a lot for the tip! i like ur other tip too on how to configure that wordpress page thing! blardee useful!!! 😀 😀 😀 give us more tips & tricks!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks perrin. Hope to do more soon…. Tune in. 🙂

  3. Thanks for this. It makes everything so easy to the point that I can’t figure out why I couldn’t get this working before. Cheers!

  4. I guess I need someone to elaborate on how to “make sure” FlexRSS is installed. He said, “Now things get simpler. Open you deluge and make sure you have installed your FlexRSS plugin. For more info you can get to FlexRSS plugin page.” Seems like this was where things got difficult. I followed along until it says to open deluge. Then when I open Deluge, it looks like it always looks. You have magically opened FlexRSS and not told us how to do it. The FlexRSS page in the link above also said there was a simple RSS. Can’t find anything but a checkbox to install FlexRSS which does nothing.

    • I guess deluge and FlexRSS isn’t meant for complete idiot 😛 Use the links then *klikliklik* haha

  5. I am using Deluge on Ubuntu 8.10.

    I have added the RSS feeds from tc shows area… to the FlexRSS plugin for Deluge…. but I can’t get it to start downloading anything…

    I don’t want to filter anything. I want all of them.

    Do I need a Filter?

    Can I create a filter that downloads ALL episodes in the feeds…. (i.e. “*.*” or something)…?

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