Mac – does it sits on a safe without any viruses?

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I always get into a lot of argument with my mates about this topic above. Just because the percentage of having a virus attack on a Mac is low doesn’t mean that its a safe platform to work on. A lot of them are ignorant that Norton Antivirus does have a client for the Mac, check out this website for Norton.
And Sophos: Click here.

See what top Symantec guys mentioned:

“I think it’s fair to say that Mac users today shouldn’t believe they’re impervious to attacks,” David Cole, Symantec product management security response director, told TMO.

We can see a lot of attacks lately on the Mac, you can search on google to see the results. Lastly I am leaving you guys to debate on the subject with a video clip.


~ by bassplayr on November 28, 2007.

One Response to “Mac – does it sits on a safe without any viruses?”

  1. Same goes to Linux i guess, It’s secure out of the box and not as popular among home users to why would a hacker spend his time trying to attack.

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