Superb tool for blogging… CLIPMARKS

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Hi guys,
I apologize if I haven’t been blog as much as I should have. Our company… is going through some tough time as they are restructuring aka cutting people out from their jobs. So far its been not really good as we don’t really know if we will have our job scopes. Anyway thats my problem.Here I found a wonderful tool that I think you guys might like. Its called clipmarks. Think of it as saving a clip on the net to your blog or a public space at clipmarks it self. Its pretty cool as I don’t have to screen capture and load it to the wordpress tool and publish it. I am actually writting this post using the tool now. I am using it, as an add-on with firefox. Check it out.


~ by bassplayr on November 1, 2007.

One Response to “Superb tool for blogging… CLIPMARKS”

  1. thank you, dude

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