The reality of a “fire-sale”

Ever wonder as Bruce Willis being a good cop protecting the motherland-US, and fighting apparently a “fire-sale” whether is it ever possible to do something like this in that scale in real life? Ever wonder, if it can be actually done?

For those who really missed the show Die Hard 4.0, the term fire-sale was coined in that movie. In that movie, Bruce fights a terrorist/hacker that has control over all network of US government, e.g. energy,public transportation, utilities and so on. In my mind, I was asking myself, can it be done using…………. uh, vbscript, phyton, perl…. hahahha just kidding. Anyway coming back to the story, fire-sale term is actually a term used to describe “everything must go” concept more oftenly goods that was damaged by fire. Check out wiki:

Guess what??! Today, in this age, somewhere in Idaho, US, this has been put to test by the US-Department of Energy. And it worked! They managed to bring down a power station!!! AMAZING! One mouse click and a whole city range block goes down into darkness. Thank god its done as an experimental feat. The US Department of Energy took part in experiment code-name Aurora, to show if its possible to bring down a power station using a simulated attack by a computer terrorist. They managed to change the power cycle (in layman’s term the voltage used to generate power) in the power station and manage to make it go haywire…. ALL FROM CYBERSPACE!

The guys from Department of Energy did manage to do something really NOT smart, admit they haven’t patch the vunerability completely but has taken some steps to take “a lot of risk” out from the equation. Man, talking about sending an open invitation to the hacker communities………One thing that really assures me that they mentioned that they have applied some fixes to computer systems that handles NUCLEAR stations! Talk about major outage and lives at risk.

Another estimates that if US loses power for three months, it can amount up to $700BN dollars of hard cold cash! This issue has been highlighted before in a letter by the then CIA director in 2002. But 5 years later they needed a demo to make changes… guess everybody like to see something explode. 🙂

Power station in smokes!

Check out the video of it:


~ by bassplayr on September 28, 2007.

5 Responses to “The reality of a “fire-sale””

  1. i know this sounds bad but i wish i knew how to do a VTFS lol if i had the right programs i probably would 😛

  2. WOW… thats crazy and I think the worst part is that the more security measures people take to protect themselves the more advanced the hacking methods will get!!!

  3. […] a huge pain in the a**.  Yet April 1st came and went without anything remotely resembling the “Fire Sale” in Diehard 4.  Even today, opinions were divided over whether this worm had shriveled on the […]

  4. I want 2 check all the data that i have 2 share with my friends. I wl give my research paper 2 them on the above word “FIRESALE”.

  5. How on earth can you regard this is as being proof that the ‘firesale’ can take place.
    It’s like saying because i take down Facebook it means you can take the entire internet down.
    The whole reason it was called a firesale was because it took everything down. Here only an energy plant was taken down, which does not mean the same tricks will bring down the stockmarket, traffic etc.
    The thing is, they all have different OSs, systems, protocols etc

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