What happened to Skype on the fateful 16th of August …….ummm I wonder

Remember I told you guys that I will post some stuff about the the incident that is mentioned above?

If you don’t know what happened….. and if you have been living under a coconut shell all this while, on that fateful day, 16th August 2007, skype had the biggest denial-of-service attack for
2 days. This happened according to them, because of massive number of client computers around the world was rebooted at the same time and re-login into skype at the same time. This action casuse skype servers to crash and couldn’t cope with the amount of traffic that the login generated.

And guess what?? They blamed MS Windows Update for it. My my my, talking about the richest scapegoat that you can ever find. Hahaha…

Steve Riley did talk about it in TechED SEA 2007 in one of his presentation. And after some digging on my own I realised what Skype presented in their blog : http://share.skype.com/sites/en/2007/08/what_happened_on_august_16.html just didn’t add up. Doesn’t make any sense.

Here is why:

1. Any windows administrator knows for sure that Windows Update patching starts on evey Tuesday at 3.00AM local time. Looking at the time zones and all that, New Zealand should have the last update. Now, since all the client computers are around the globe, how can it be that its being rebooted at the same time by using windows update? They would never restart at the same time. Looking at the event time it was on a Thursday. So go figure!!!

If you were in Malaysia, the update would have happened on Tuesday 3.00AM local time, and the incident on Thursday, why 2 days later after the windows has updated the system?

2. Updates has been handle on every second Tuesday of every month. Although there were times when Microsoft did a release earlier, it has always been mentioned very clearly through the security bulletin. So why was there a change? The incident happened on a Thursday right??

So go figure what happened!


~ by bassplayr on September 17, 2007.

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