How to rename and reset passwords of Administrator account for 50 computers??….uh…

I was wondering for my next script or command line presentation, what should I write about. Maybe I should share one of my daily scripts that I use for my daily job function in a large corp environment. So I decide to share this script with all of you.

If you are like me, faced to deploy 20 servers, 15 servers world wide whereby you don’t have the luxury of touching the servers, your corp policy might include that you rename your administrator account on all the servers and rename them to a password strong enough, till the next round of SMS updates on your servers are done to reset to a generic admin password across the domain. Think about the hassle of all of it, renaming the account and resetting the password to it. I did count how many clicks would I need to do that! Yes, guys, I did have a lot of time to waste! Hahahah.. about 34 clicks depends on how you do it.

Just imagine, 34 clicks for changing one server, how about 50 servers, time 50 you get 1750 clicks! Wow now, thats a lot of clicks.  So I decided to automate this part of my daily job. I know, I know there are a lot of ways to do it, I know one of my collegue does it in Perl. But I like the good ol’ days of vbs scripts. Hehehe 🙂

So here it goes:

Renaming and resetting the password on the local administrator account for more than one server

So there you have it folks, no more mudane task that you will have to do day-in-day-out. I would like some feedback if you have about this script. Make sure you have these pre-requistise on before you fire this script:

1.Make sure you administrative rights in the machines you would like to do this on.

2. Make sure you have another text file called serverlist.txt and put the server names line by line.

3. Have some coffee if ready if it doesn’t work 😛


~ by bassplayr on September 17, 2007.

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