Check out what MS is telling about the Auto Update Issue

I was surfing for a short while, and saw this article on the Microsoft Product Team blog site.

The article mentioned that to keep Windows Updates in essence it to update it continuously so that it will not stop distributing the updates packages by Microsoft to the end users. As long as we the consumers, use WU, WU will be patched automatically no matter what. I kinda see the two points of discussions of this, one is the update of the updater is needed to ensure patches go through, but for the experienced windows admin, he or she would want to control what goes in to the environment or production servers. So to this administrators out there, I suggest you do this:

TURN OFF YOUR WINDOWS UPDATE! – simple as that, its not about whether OSS is good or bad (I myself, run Ubuntu from home that recently crashed! :() its about we are using a proprietary system meaning *someone owns the code*

So when the person wishes to release patches for it, the company should have the right to do so, moreover, we PAID for that service … patches.. maintenance and all correct?? So if you don’t want it, turn it off, as simple as that. I am not sure about the workings for other OSes like Red Hat Linux (Paid version of course), how they do their updates, I am sure they to do update their updater if they find it needed to do so, correct? Same here with MS in IMHO. 🙂

  I will let you guys another secret, remember about two months ago, the Skype servers crash? Remember that? I have some hot stuff for you to chew on… Will let you guys know about that later… Some of you guys, if you know,don’t comment on it, don’t spoil my suprise for the next session!

See, Nate Clinton’s explaination on the whole issue:


~ by bassplayr on September 15, 2007.

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