TechED Southeast Asia 2007 KL, Malaysia

As a techie, the dream of going to techED overseas is intermittently there. But as reality looms over our shoulders just behind our 14.1″ screen DELL laptops, we realized we may even miss the one on our Malaysian shores. I nearly missed the event because we couldn’t get our management to decide whether we should go or not. Thank god that I got a ticket from one of our Desktop Manager because one of her team member choose not to attend. LUCKLY ME!!!

Yes guys, I am one of the few thousand participant in TechED SEA 2007 and I have pens, 1 cap and 2 shirts to prove it! Hahahaha… Just kidding. I also learnt a lot about IT scene in the rest of the world. I got to talk to Steve Riley the leading security guy in his field. I thoroughly have enjoyed his sessions on Making the Trade-off: Be secure or get work done (Day 1) and Securing your friends and family (Day 2). It really opened my eyes that I will have to see some economic sense into any security measures. Security is NOT the BIGGEST thing guys! YES the holy Steve Riley himself hasth saidth!

Securing your friends and family dove deep into incentives of protecting our family and friends from intruders namely spyware and malicious software – malwarez. Talking about real life scenarios on what kids do on the internet and how to protect them. His saying that caught me: The new generation has no expectations of privacy….; look at the amount of social networking groups,  how and what does that means to those who sell information? …….UUuuuuummmmm good talking and teh tarik discussion points… Don’t you think? Think about it, it can get two ways, the sellers becomes richer and privacy will be null and void, or the information becames trivial, and very very exposed to individual attacks. I will share some of my thoughts on that on the coming blog sessions. Interesting uh? 🙂

Other than that I enjoyed talking to MVPs, although sad to say there aint any Windows Infrastructure MVPs in Malaysia for all its worth. I truly believe that there are some jewels among us that needs to be uncovered! 🙂

Talk about Windows infrastructure, today was the first time, a few of us, 30 or so touched the Windows Server Core and configured them from scratch! If you have followed the development on this, its amazing how far Microsoft being the GUI-based OS has come to very very Linux like scripting and command line configurations of server role installations. Amazing!!  Blew my mind. Just imagine, a MICROSOFT server module without GUI! Cool! I throughly loved it sit through Daniel van Soest class. The only thing I would complain about; the amount of time that we could spend touching it. Sigh…. wish I had more time.

 So guys enjoy some pictures I took in TechED SEA 2007. I will blog more in the coming days.


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